Using A/B Testing To Drive The Product Roadmap

May 6th 2016

Digital advertising has opened up so many opportunities. Recently, we’ve discovered that we can hack online ads to drive our product roadmap.

Using online ads, which accentuate different unique selling points, we’re able to understand what features matter to consumers, and what don’t.

Here’s an example of an ad one might run on Facebook.

FB AB Test Example

You could do this A/B testing for every product feature. Colour, price, power – anything.

Now the ads in question above lead to the same sign up page. The insight we get is in seeing which ads get more clicks – and hence which product feature, is more in demand by the consumer.

This is phenomenally empowering because it’s far more accurate and scalable than focus groups. Any B2C company, big or small, could run an A/B test like this. I’m really excited to see how this can help us find product-market fit faster.